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Technical Services


Our technical services relate to the nonlinear dynamics of mechanical and structural systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to capture the essential physics of a system and to develop low-order numerical models to predict the outcomes of nonlinear effects. In particular, our use of low order models enable us to evaluate a wide range of system responses based on how key parameters of the system can vary.

Rotating Pendulum Schematic

Regions of Varying Dynamic Response

Regions of Varying Dynamic Response (as determined by analysis)

A Drilling test facility in our laboratory

A Drilling Test Facility in our Laboratory

We have a long experience in experimental testing and in calibrating our numerical models to test results. In this way, based on the combination of our advanced technical knowledge, our extensive test facilities and our track record, we have a strong capability to find solutions to challenging mechanical and structural dynamics problems.

In particular, we understand how to control mechanical and structural dynamic response, including vibrations. We know how to tune dynamical response close to resonance in order to focus the mechanical energy on its required task. We ensure that our systems are designed to avoid dynamic responses that are harmful, lead to failure or are energy inefficient.

We have a range of dynamic analysis tools at our disposal to categorise and predict response, such as phase-plane trajectory analysis, Poincare plots, frequency domain analysis, bifurcation and nonlinear chaos identification methodologies. These specialist capabilities are built around a comprehensive toolbox of nonlinear, time-domain finite element analysis programs, again allied to our extensive laboratory test facilities.

Bifurcation and Phase Trajectory Plots

Phase Plane Plots with “Basin of Attraction” Output

Finite Element Modelling of Bit-Rock Cutting

Technical Solutions

We have used our skills to solve the following technical challenges:


Fluid-structure interactions and vortex induced vibrations


Structural and mechanical vibration response


Vibration control and resonance tuning


Smooth and non-smooth dynamical systems


Vibro-impact dynamics


Intermittent contact and associated friction challenges


Nonlinear geometry effects


Elastic instability and bifurcation response


Impact oscillator dynamics


Dynamic response of out-of-alignment mechanical systems

Industry Applications

We have applied our analysis, design and experimental testing capabilities to the following industry applications:

Drill-string dynamics in well drilling.  This includes the simulation and testing of Bottom Hole Assembly whirling, stick/slip torsional drill-string vibrations and nonlinear bit-bounce response.

Rotor dynamics, in particular investigating the effects of nonlinear intermittent contact and grazing together with out-of-balance geometry and dynamic forces

Drill-string dynamics in well drilling.  This includes the simulation and testing of Bottom Hole Assembly whirling, stic

Slender structure dynamic response including cables and offshore riser systems

Drill Bit Progression Plots

Vibro-impact dynamics applied to resonance enhanced drilling and drill-bit to rock-face nonlinear dynamic contact modelling, including bit-rock resonance tuning

Rotor Grazing low-order model

Geothermal energy drilling

Offshore vessel dynamic responses

Energy harvesting and renewable energy system analysis, particularly with regards to offshore wave dynamics

Wave Energy Pendulum

Wave Energy Pendulum


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Fraser Noble Building, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Kings College Aberdeen AB24 3UE, Scotland, UK 

+ 44 (0) 1224 274177

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