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Dynamics that Delivers

Capturing Energy Efficiently Through Resonance

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We develop new technologies that:

Control vibration and tune dynamic responses to maximum effect

Deliver rapid borehole and well creation in hard rocks

Capture energy efficiently with uniquely tuned dynamic energy systems

Minimise the negative effects of contact and near-contact systems

We develop advanced nonlinear dynamics models and calibrate them to carefully designed laboratory experiments to solve a range of vibration and intermittent contact problems

Our goal is intelligent vibration

RED Technology

iVDynamics is bringing to the market a truly transformative technology for borehole creation in hard rocks, with penetration rates that are many multiples of current drilling methods.  The technology is known as Resonance Enhanced Drilling (RED).

15 years of international, leading-edge, collaborative research in RED technology 

The Rate of Penetration (ROP) is found to be many times higher, while the specific energy (MSE) is only a small percentage of that required for conventional rotary drilling.


Penetration Rate Improvement


Energy Consumption

Nonlinear Dynamics

Here is an experimental set-up that that mimics a severe form of stick-slip phenomenon which causes torsional buckling in the slender drill-string just above its Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) in the well.  We have developed nonlinear dynamic models that are calibrated by such experiments and that accurately predict the onset and severity of this nonlinear phenomenon.  This enables us to design safe solutions that mitigate against such undesirable outcomes.

Technical Insights

Below are some technical insights on studies that our founders have previously led and worked on, covering a range of nonlinear dynamic studies from rotor dynamics to energy harvesting and rock coring.

Whirling of Bottom Hole Assemblies and Rotors

Pendulum Wave Energy Converters

Bit Rock Interaction and Modelling

Our Leardership Team

The company has direct access to large laboratory facilities at the university to verify its advanced analysis and design models and to enable the company to provide testing and technology development services for our clients.

Prof Marian Wiercigroch

Prof Marian Wiercigroch

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Dr Patrick O’Brien

Dr Patrick O’Brien

Chairman and Commercial Director

Reach Us

Please send an email to the addresses below or use the form to contact us. 

Fraser Noble Building, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Kings College Aberdeen AB24 3UE, Scotland, UK 

+ 44 (0) 1224 274177

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