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In this section, we update you on the latest company news and we keep you abreast of any important development milestones that we have achieved with the technologies we are working on. We connect you to our technical publications, our presentations and we provide you with some of our technical insights. Here you can review the ongoing activities of the company and learn about our technology insights.

Bit Rock Interaction and Modelling

High Rates of Penetration (ROPs) with a good borehole stability in hard rock or heterogeneneous formations such as Chert, Conglomerates and Granite remains one of the major challenges in downhole drilling.

Presentation on RED

This is a video that presents the benefits and developments in our Resonance Enhanced Drilling (RED) technology. In the video we mention the name of iVDrill, which is the previous company name for iVDynamics.

Whirling of Bottom Hole Assemblies and Rotors

Here we provide some technical insights from the analysis of the nonlinear dynamic whirling behaviour of Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHAs) in well drilling and of rotors within rotating machinery.


Pendulum Wave Energy Converters

Here we provide insight on how nonlinear dynamics techniques can be applied to design and analyse the response of wave energy systems.

Dynamics of vibro-impact drilling with linear and nonlinear rock models

This paper presents a comprehensive numerical study of a higher order drifting oscillator that has been used to model vibro-impact drilling dynamics in previous publications by our research group…

Modelling of high frequency vibro-impact drilling

Modelling of the vibro-impact drilling system is undertaken in this study, and the results of the numerical analysis and comparison between two selected models are presented…

Developments In Drill & Blast Technology

The Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) at the University of Aberdeen is about to take advantage of original research started in 1999.  A new spin-out company, iVDynamics, has been created…

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Fraser Noble Building, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Kings College Aberdeen AB24 3UE, Scotland, UK 

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